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About United Mobile Solutions

UMS began with a vision: to provide the latest smart phone technology to a niche market in which everyone wants the features of high-end equipment at better prices and phone service deals with no contracts.

In 2009, the company began building a distribution network that has since expanded to 1,600 outlets across the country. Today, UMS continues to build its dealer network, facilitating product and service needs of retailers and assisting small entrepreneurs and investors in creating branded stores across the country.

UMS has distinguished itself as a trusted adviser to dealers, imparting growth strategies and offering services including: streamlined inventory management, back-end expertise to ensure and manage quality control, reverse logistics, simplified payments processing and a wide inventory of phones with immediate availability. Customers have come to depend on UMS for these solutions. As a result, new opportunities with regional carriers, MVNOs and national dealers are arising as the UMS reputation grows.

We are poised for growth. Our competitors stake their names on their prices, but the real satisfaction to our customers comes when problems arise – and are handled – with seamless coordination. That’s UMS in a nutshell.” – David K. Lee, CEO

Our History

United Mobile Solutions (UMS) is a leader in the wireless industry, focused on refurbishing and distributing equipment, leveraging reverse logistics capabilities, and utilizing expertise to launch new products and services – all while integrating seamless payments systems that keep the wheels turning on this multi-faceted, highly-accomplished company.

UMS is a holding company to several subsidiaries, the first of which, named Cell Phone Depot, was founded in 2009 with three employees.

The company was established by current UMS CEO David K. Lee, who saw the craze for pagers phase out a decade prior and a hunger for the latest smart phone technology for reasonable prices create a new, niche market. At the time, Lee had a respectable handle on reseller needs, but he knew a bold play to service this new sub-prime market comprehensively would require a broader view.

However, first, the company would begin at the beginning: building a distributor network.

Differentiating himself from the ‘make a sale, make a profit,’ mantra that resonated in the industry at that time, Lee vowed his company would see customers in a different light, with a full-solution approach. Staying true to that meant focusing on the dealer’s profitability and satisfaction long after the final sale.

Cell Phone Depot began distributing GSM and CDMA handsets of every manufacturer branded with every carrier to retail cell phone dealers as well as to local providers. In early 2010, Cell Phone Depot was awarded a master dealer agreement with T-Mobile. Shortening their moniker to CPD Mobile in 2011, that master agreement was extended to a full wholesale agreement covering several states, with more growth to come.

The mobile device and telecommunication industry at the time was heavily influenced by the “Big 4” carriers in the U.S., but a shift was underway. As the landscape evolved within contract-based (post-paid) phone services, an expanding market of prepaid mobile phone service began to capture customers’ interests.

Capitalizing on that interest, and having earned industry confidence with their quality inventory and with technicians to manage back-end processing, CPD Mobile began carving out a name as a provider of creative, competitive solutions for dealers.

By 2013, the company was in a position to grow beyond its early foundation as a refurbished-product distributor, without compromising its core competencies.

To do so most effectively, the company began expanding via acquisitions of industry-elite talent and technology such as T-Mobile master dealer RU Wireless, and surface mount and technology repair company Daewon Teletech.

The acquisitions equipped the company to offer a suite of solutions unmatched in the industry. To encompass the new capabilities, a holding company was established: United Mobile Solutions (UMS).

With the new business lines, distribution access through 1600 retail stores and wholesalers across the country, 51 employees and plans to bolster its infrastructure of international talent, UMS is positioned for nationwide expansion in 2015.