Cell Phone Depot Awarded Master Dealer Agreement for T-Mobile: Customers to See Improved Prices and Services

Norcross, GA — Only six months after establishing itself as a contender among local wireless wholesale distributors, Cell Phone Depot has been awarded a master dealer agreement for T-Mobile.

Under the agreement, single stores and small chains throughout Atlanta will have access to pre-paid T-Mobile phone plans and cell phones through Cellphone Depot.

“Our customers know that we understand the needs of smaller, independent dealers and retail outlets,” said David K. Lee, CEO of Cell Phone Depot. “It is an exciting time for our customers as they deliver to a clientele hungry for the latest technology at reasonable prices – and we are the partner to help them deliver a wide variety of options.”

Cell Phone Depot notably differentiates itself from other wholesalers by working closely with dealers to consult, provide advice and help them realize value from their dealership with T-Mobile and Cell Phone Depot.

“We chose Cell Phone Depot for the critical eye they bring to the heaviest lifting for our distributors: both price and service,” said Craig Smith, Regional Account Manager, T-Mobile. “Many wholesalers stake their names on their prices, but the real satisfaction to our customers comes when problems arise – and are handled – with seamless coordination. That’s Cell Phone Depot in a nutshell.”

“This partnership with T-Mobile is an indicator of what our customers already know about Cell Phone Depot – that we constantly invest in our infrastructure and people to ensure dealer satisfaction and profitability,” said Lee.

About Cellphone Depot

Founded in 2009, Cell Phone Depot is a dedicated wireless equipment distributor and servicer focused on retailers, manufacturers and operators. Cell Phone Depot services a market that is sophisticated in its demands for the latest technology at affordable prices. Cell Phone Depot distributes GSM and CDMA handsets of every manufacturer branded with every carrier to retail cell phone dealers as well as to local providers, offering Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile manufactured by Samsung, Apple Blackberry, Nokia and BLU. Cell Phone Depot additionally provides RMA, Warranty, Reverse Logistics, and Sourcing. Cell Phone Depot is constantly evolving on behalf of a growing market that changes every six months.