CPD Mobile Expands T-Mobile Agreement to Three Major Markets in Texas

Dallas, TX — Thanks to unprecedented activations due to a wide device selection and strong wholesale solution, CPD Mobile announced today that it will expand its full wholesale master dealer T-Mobile agreement into Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

Starting today, CPD Mobile can now provide prepaid service contracts as well as T-Mobile products to the local communities from central to southeast Texas.

CPD Mobile first signed a master dealer agreement with T-Mobile in June of 2010 and five short months later expanded the partnership to include a full wholesale agreement, which primed the company to begin its expansion plans that include exclusive stores in participating communities.

“We are pleased to extend this partnership with CPD Mobile and thrilled that the customers in our Dallas, San Antonio and Austin communities will experience CPD Mobile’s comprehensive back end servicing that is unique to any other wholesale distributor in the industry,” said Moody Abusway, Texas New Business Sales Operations Manager for T-Mobile.

With the new deal underway, CPD Mobile will begin plans to open 80 more points of distribution throughout these markets within 12 months.

“CPD Mobile prides itself on providing high quality goods as well as servicing that our local independent dealers and retail outlets have come to know and expect,” said David Lee, CEO of CPD Mobile. “We are ready for this opportunity to show that same level of service to these new communities in Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.”

About CPD Mobile

Founded in 2009, under the name Cell Phone Depot, CPD Mobile is a dedicated wireless equipment distributor and servicer focused on retailers, manufacturers and operators. Distributing through 1500 retail stores across the United States, CPD Mobile services a market that is sophisticated in its demands for the latest technology at affordable prices. CPD Mobile distributes GSM and CDMA handsets to retail cell phone dealers as well as to local providers, offering Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile devices manufactured by Samsung, Apple Blackberry, Nokia and BLU. CPD Mobile additionally provides RMA, Warranty, Reverse Logistics and Sourcing. In 2010, CPD Mobile was awarded a full wholesale agreement from T-Mobile allowing them to equip dealers with private branded stores. Today CPD Mobile employs 47 people and is constantly evolving on behalf of a growing market that changes every six months.