CPD Mobile Newly Authorized MetroPCS Handset Vendor for T-Mobile: GSM-based technology attractive to customers

Norcross, GA — In a bid to bring GSM-based mobile tracking technology to customers through the latest in handset upgrades, T-Mobile today has tapped CPD Mobile to offer affordable options for customers.

After T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS back in May, both companies wanted MetroPCS customers to feel continued connectedness to the innovative wireless approaches that attracted them to MetroPCS – plus attract new customers wanting to get their hands on GSM-based technology.

“CPD Mobile dealers understand the intricacies that make GSM-based technology attractive to customers, which makes them a go-to partner in rolling out sound, reliable devices with the technology to our customers,” said Jerry Seay, MetroPCS Regional VP. “Beyond that, CPD Mobile is known for their handle on the reverse logistics infrastructure needed to make life better for their dealers – which makes life better for our customers.”

“We are thrilled to be part of this new season for T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers,” said David K. Lee, CEO of CPD Mobile. “Our dealers know how to deliver to a clientele hungry for the latest technology at reasonable prices, positioning a great future for this customer base that has demonstrated itself as shoppers of out-of-the-box wireless solutions.”

About CPD Mobile

Founded in 2009, under the name Cell Phone Depot, CPD Mobile is a dedicated wireless equipment distributor and servicer focused on retailers, manufacturers and operators. Distributing through 1500 retail stores across the United States, CPD Mobile services a market that is sophisticated in its demands for the latest technology at affordable prices. CPD Mobile distributes GSM and CDMA handsets to retail cell phone dealers as well as to local providers, offering Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile devices manufactured by Samsung, Apple Blackberry, Nokia and BLU. CPD Mobile additionally provides RMA, Warranty, Reverse Logistics and Sourcing. In 2010, CPD Mobile was awarded a full wholesale agreement from T-Mobile allowing them to equip dealers in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Florida with private branded stores. Today CPD Mobile employs 47 people and is constantly evolving on behalf of a growing market that changes every six months.