CPD Mobile Selected by T-Mobile for GoSmart Mobile Launch: Master Dealer for PrePaid SubPrime Wireless Market

Norcross, GA – As the era of long, committed cell phone contracts makes a quiet stage left, T-Mobile plans to fill in the gap where once only prepaid regional shops played. CPD Mobile, a Norcross-based wireless equipment distributor and servicer, announced today that T-Mobile has chosen them to help carry out the plan to customers.

“Ours is an industry that evolves at a break-neck speed,” said CPD Mobile CEO David K. Lee. “As customers evaluate current plans and devices and desire a different level of flexibility, they will be thrilled to have access to the new GoSmart Mobile offerings.”

In an announcement Friday, T-Mobile outlined their launch of GoSmart Mobile, a prepaid-only network that allows customers unlimited calling and texting, with upgrades for internet access and data speed. Customers can talk, text, play games, stream videos and more – with no overages and no credit checks.

“CPD Mobile continues to exceed our expectations in their customer delivery and comprehensive back end servicing that is unique to any other wholesale distributor I know,” said Chris, Gree, Director of Regional Product Sales, T-Mobile. “When deciding which master dealer agents could participate in our GoSmart Mobile launch, CPD Mobile was an obvious choice.”

Chosen as one of only ten other master dealers carrying GoSmart Mobile to the prepaid subprime market, CPD Mobile will leverage its select master dealer position to roll out GoSmart Mobile in their prime markets across the country including Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and Texas.

“Our independent dealers and retail outlets have appreciated our understanding of what it takes to run their businesses,” said Lee. “Now we can bring them an offering that competitively positions them to provide the latest technology and services at a great price to a sophisticated market.”

About CPD Mobile

Founded in 2009, under the name Cell Phone Depot, CPD Mobile is a dedicated wireless equipment distributor and servicer focused on retailers, manufacturers and operators. Distributing through 1500 retail stores across the United States, CPD Mobile services a market that is sophisticated in its demands for the latest technology at affordable prices. CPD Mobile distributes GSM and CDMA handsets to retail cell phone dealers as well as to local providers, offering Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile devices manufactured by Samsung, Apple Blackberry, Nokia and BLU. CPD Mobile additionally provides RMA, Warranty, Reverse Logistics and Sourcing. In 2010, CPD Mobile was awarded a full wholesale agreement from T-Mobile allowing them to equip dealers in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Florida with private branded stores. Today CPD Mobile employs 47 people and is constantly evolving on behalf of a growing market that changes every six months.