Growth Opportunities


UMS was formed in 2009 to act as Master Dealer for T-Mobile Wireless, and create a distribution network of sub dealers – including kiosks, stores, and franchised outlets. The distribution network quickly expanded to over 1,600 independent outlets in the USA, when UMS began to distribute mobile phones in 2010. Company growth has led to new service areas including payment processing, enterprise sales to regional carriers, reverse logistics operations and nationwide sales.

UMS provides the latest smart phone technology to a niche market that demands the features of the latest mobile equipment at affordable prices, and no-contract phone service deals. After several years and more than a million units sold, UMS has expanded its distribution capabilities across the country.

Building on this business acumen, UMS franchised an exclusively-branded stand-alone wireless store option, offering the solution as a “store in a box” with no franchise fees and low start-up costs. Since then, UMS has helped entrepreneurs launch stores throughout the South and Western United States.


This year UMS has begun to make strategic acquisitions that help to build distribution and add to internal talent. This will help UMS exploit new relationships with larger providers and carriers, and facilitate expansion into markets throughout the nation. UMS has acquired surface mount and technology repair company Daewon Teletech, and T-Mobile Master Dealer RU Wireless.

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Growth Opportunities

UMS comes into 2014 with many growth opportunities and established, proven capabilities in the distribution and logistics management of wireless products and services. The company will again experience significant revenue growth in 2014, with consistent gross margins and profitability.

Focusing on key revenue segments including carriers, equipment, and payments processing, UMS has earned a reputation with customers who depend on UMS for innovative solutions. Leveraging the financial strength of the company, as well as a unique knowledge base of UMS’s team of experts in sales and engineering, the company will start to realize many new strategic opportunities.

National Expansion

With industry numbers indicating mobile phone shipments expected to reach 2.3 billion by 2017 and smartphone sales in the Middle East alone to reach 65M by 2015, new opportunities with regional carriers, MVNOs and national dealers are arising as the UMS reputation grows.

Building Core Competencies

While UMS is constantly expanding its suite of services, it remains dedicated to its core competencies. Ensuring good supply, managing RMA requirements, and delivering on our promise are key to our mission.

Realizing that an important factor in wireless distribution, is trust in the supplier to manage post-purchase relationships, UMS this quarter relocated its logistics subsidiary to Dallas, TX. The company is now positioned more centrally to manufacturers who can complete our fulfillment needs – resulting in wider choices, faster delivery and lower costs. In addition, we have access to a talent bank that will continue to build and grow our logistics and 3PL services. .

Investment Case

UMS is an exciting success story. We have built a high growth company in a competitive market, by continual investment in people and technology. Our customers know they can depend on us for consistent and quality service. Our distribution network will continue to grow with 5,000 retail stores and wholesalers across the country by year end. We will selectively exploit some emerging national opportunities and continue our strategic acquisition strategy to expand into new markets. Keep watch here as we announce exciting new solutions to the market in the coming months.